Andy Banton & Ruth

General Administration Manager
OAM Office

On the 2nd August 1977, much to my mum’s surprise, I asked her how to become a Christian. After receiving simple instruction, I asked the Lord Jesus to forgive my sins and to come into my heart as my Saviour. The Open-Air Mission first came to be part of my life in 1986, when as a rather half-hearted believer, I was pressed by my grandfather into going on a Beach Mission to North Devon.

The two men leading the team were Ken Weaver and Steve Wood. How I thank the Lord for their encouragement and wise counsel! The Apostle Paul said, “You do not have many fathers in Christ”. How much we therefore love the ones we do have !

A year later at the age of 20, I began studying at the London Theological Seminary. What a privilege it was to study both under and alongside men who love the Lord and His Word so dearly ! During my time there, I met Ruth, who is now my wife. (We have a 4 children, Abigail, Luke, Lydia and Joshua.) On leaving College we moved to Loughborough to be involved in a young fellowship, during which time I worked full time as a Postman. So the Lord was preparing me for a ministry which involved indoor and outdoor work !

Our fellowship had always encouraged me in preaching, and with the burden for open-air work came opportunities to work regularly alongside Edwin Baker in Leicester, and with the team at the Chester Races. Since 1999 we have lived in Bedfordshire.

How humbled I feel to be part of this faithful band of men who go out in the highways and byways and compel them to come in! This is not generally considered to be an ‘in’ method of evangelism today, but we will continue by God’s grace, whether it be in season or out of season, to preach God’s Word to those who are perishing.

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