Retired Evangelist Derrick Cole

Former Evangelist Derrick Cole went to be with the Lord on December 28th, 2019. Your prayer for his family would be appreciated.

Derrick served as an Associate worker from 1991 before being accepted as a full-time Evangelist in 1993. Derrick was regularly in the open-air at Bilston, Walsall, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton. Retiring in 2009, but continuing when he could as an Associate worker once more.

Here is Derrick’s testimony, in his own words:

‘I first heard something of Jesus Christ when at the age of three, I was sent along to a local Methodist Church Sunday School.

I first remember being moved by the message as a twenty year old while doing my National Service in Germany.

From the radio in the Barrack room came the voice of Billy Graham.

I remember pleading with my room mates to leave the radio on so that I could listen.

Five years later and now married, I went along to hear Billy Graham in person at one of his big Missions.

Although an interest in spiritual things was awakened within, my search for meaning in life took me down all sorts of other roads including the occult.

It was through my own children attending Sunday School and my accompanying them to a special service, that brought me again under the sound of the gospel.

However it was not for another nine years that I became a Christian.

I was working for the Probation Service at the time and filling my life with pubs and clubs, though not neglecting my family who were very important to me as well.

I gradually became aware of being a sinner before God and a deep sense of my lost condition came over me.

I found wonderful relief one day when I took myself off to a wood to be alone, and there fell to my knees asking the Lord to have mercy upon me.

I soon felt a tremendous burden to speak to others about God’s amazing grace and have done since.’

We thank God for Derrick’s life and witness.

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