Coronavirus Update – Statement from the Committee

The Mission Committee set aside 20th April to review the full-employment status of our workers whilst all normal activities are curtailed. In other words, do we ‘furlough’ staff and avail of the 80% under the ‘Job Retention Scheme’? The Committee unanimously agreed to continue paying full salaries for all our workers.

As a Christian, gospel and faith organisation, depending on God for everything, we feel that going down the furlough route to dependency on the Government is not a correct way of thinking. God has been good to us in providing funds (through our supporters) adequate to meet the current and immediate future needs. While taking the Government route is permitted for Charities like OAM (i.e. it is not illegal, underhand or devious) the application of their scheme is to prevent redundancies along with supporting those needing ‘shielding’ and those looking after children at home, where a school has closed.

During these unprecedented times we are grateful to the Lord for the opportunities afforded to us online. Many of our Evangelists have been able to produce short gospel videos which we have shared on our website and through social media. These have been widely viewed and have prompted some correspondence from non-Christians leading to profitable dialogue. The Office in Luton remains open, manned by one member of staff and we are encouraged to receive requested for our ‘Enquirer’s Packs’. Our Evangelists are able to benefit from this time aside from the regular work in prayer, reading, study and preparing new material.

Thank you for your continued prayerful and practical support for the Mission. May the Lord use this time for His glory and the furtherance of the gospel and may the time come soon when we can be out, once more, proclaiming the glorious gospel of Christ in the open-air!

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