Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Over the weekend we saw the Prime Minister deliver the news of further, tighter, restrictions which will be applied across England from Thursday, 5th November. Throughout this Coronavirus situation we have sought to act in a way which is both safe and legal, but above all in a way that brings glory to God.

Whilst we could argue that for ‘charitable services’ and ‘work purposes’ (which cannot be undertaken at home) we should continue, that would be neither wise nor practical. In a watching world, we would not want to bring the gospel we proclaim into disrepute.

It is, therefore, with sadness that we announce all open-air work in England will cease from Thursday, 5th November and will remain suspended for the duration of these restrictions. As with our existing measures, this will be kept under review. We pray that open-air work will be able to resume in early December.

During this time our office will remain open and we will continue to fully employ our staff Evangelists. We will seek to use this time wisely, developing our online evangelistic videos coupled with increased time for study, prayer and preparation. With exercise from one’s home permitted, we would, once again, encourage the use of literature boxes placed on garden walls etc.

The scene across the UK varies from region to region. During Northern Ireland’s ‘Circuit breaker’ restrictions have not required the closure of non-essential retail and so open-airs may continue as normal. In Scotland, areas not covered by ‘Tier 4’ can see open-air work continue as normal. In Wales, the ‘Firebreak’ restrictions have seen the curtailment
of open-air activities until Monday, 9th November.

The Committee will meet online on Wednesday, 18th November where a review of our current practice procedures will take place. The Committee Members would value your prayers as they further discuss the arrangements in the weeks ahead.


2nd November 2020

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