Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Recent restrictions applied by the different Governments of our nation have seen our Evangelists and Associate workers ‘confined to quarters’ once more. Thankfully, with the end of the ‘firebreak’ in Wales, open-airs resumed on Monday, 9th November and we have seen many encouragements since being back on the streets. As the national restrictions in England expire on Wednesday, 2nd December, a new tier system is being introduced and applied. The essence of these coronavirus restrictions is to ensure households are not mixing. Socialising has been an issue (in pubs, restaurants, homes etc.) resulting in social distancing being contravened.

However, these tiered restrictions do not force the closure of non-essential retail outlets (shops, salons etc.) which have measures in place to ensure social distancing. These are due to reopen once the tier system is brought in. In view of this, we are able to release our Staff Evangelists and Associate workers in England from Wednesday, 2nd December to resume open-airs. These open-airs will operate under the Mission’s existing coronavirus hygiene measures and social distancing procedures.

We are grateful to the Lord that open-airs may resume in England very soon. In the run-up to Christmas, we pray that this will be a wonderful opportunity to point many to the Saviour, who, ‘came into the world to save sinners’ (1 Timothy1:15). Please join us in praying for this. Please also pray that open-airs will be able to restart in Scotland and Northern Ireland soon.

As you are aware, the Mission is committed to keeping the current method of practice under regular review. The next review meeting will, God-willing, take place on Monday, 7th December with representatives from the workers and the Committee. Your prayer for that meeting is also appreciated.


27th November 2020

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