Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update


It was with great joy that we were able to return our workers to the streets in England, Northern Ireland and Wales from Monday, 12th April. Reports of recent open-airs by our Evangelists and Associate workers show a general openness to the gospel, with little hostility, for which we praise God. We are also thankful to the Lord that, as of today, Monday 26th April, open-airs can resume in Scotland. Our return to the streets was ‘picking up where we left off’ with existing Coronavirus risk assessments, policies and practice. Some of the Mission’s workers have encountered ‘COVID-Marshalls’ and local authority workers on the streets who have expressed no concern as to the way we are
operating. This is a good testimony in a watching world. Whilst adherence to our measures remains important for a number of reasons, we have no desire to retain them unnecessarily.

In light of the generally improving situation across the UK, our review meeting today has approved the lifting of the 2-hour limit on open-airs with immediate effect. Other measures remain, but our workers are no longer restricted by a maximum duration of two hours at each open-air.

The review meeting also looked at our own ‘roadmap’ for easing restrictions in line with changes to Government legislation and guidance. Should easing be deemed appropriate at each review meeting, we trust they will greatly assist the planning and operation of forth-coming Team Events and Beach Missions and also facilitate further open-airs. Your prayers to this end would be greatly appreciated. The review ‘roadmap’ (timetable) is as follows:

We can give thanks to the Lord for what has been achieved thus far and look to Him to lead us going forward. May we, like David, truly know the Lord’s guidance and protection in these times, ‘For You are my rock and my fortress; therefore, for Your Name’s sake, lead me and guide me’ (Psalm 31:3).


26th April 2021

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