Coronavirus update

Coronavirus Update


On Wednesday, 19th May the Committee (who oversee the work of the Mission) met and reviewed our Coronavirus measures currently in place. In line with our timetable for easing restrictions, Committee members deemed it appropriate to proceed as planned.

With the changes to Government legislation and guidance we are now able, with immediate effect, to lift the limit on Team Members present at each open-air. The number of registered supporters at open-airs will now be at the discretion of the OAM Evangelist or Associate worker responsible for that witness. Each location should be able to sustain a larger presence on the street without causing an obstruction or impeding social distancing. The Mission’s hygiene and social distancing protocols remain in operation and all supporters continue to sign the ‘Registered Supporter Training Document’ for our centrally-held register.

Also, with immediate effect, the car-sharing limit for transporting team members to the open-air has also been lifted in line with Government guidance for the workplace and the voluntary sector. The Mission has issued guidance to mitigate against the risks of car-sharing and this should be observed by drivers and passengers alike.

These changes we trust, when exercised with discernment and care, will greatly maximise opportunities and forth-coming Team Events. God-willing, at the next meeting (scheduled for June) we will look at the remaining measures in place and whether or not it is appropriate to make further changes. Of course, should the national situation deteriorate then restrictions may need to be reintroduced at the discretion of the Committee.

19th May 2021

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