Associate Workers (Definition)

Associate workers – A definition:

An Associate worker is a man who leads, preaches at and is responsible for open-air events in his home area. These are run on a regular basis (at least monthly). An Associate represents and is supported by the Open-Air Mission, having been appointed to that position following a thorough application process.

An Associate is encouraged, but not required, to go on a Team Event each year.

An Associate is expected to attend at least one of the following events each year: the biennial workers’ conference, the Annual Supporters’ Day, a training day.

An Associate is required annually to complete a questionnaire about his work, and to reaffirm his adherence to the doctrinal basis.  A failure to complete either of these will result in a man’s status as an Associate worker being revoked, except in exceptional mitigating circumstances.

The support offered to Associate workers by the Mission includes the following:

  • The supply of a display-board for open-air work;
  • The supply of free literature for distribution in the course of open-air work;
  • Recourse to advice from the Mission, including legal support where necessary, in the event of difficulties arising in the course of the work;
  • Public liability insurance cover when engaged in an open-air on behalf of OAM.