Life changing stories:

Introduction (by Andy Little)

John Bolger – Rescued from alcoholism

Sarah – Her prayer answered

Tim – Overwhelmed by God’s love

Irene – Amazing circumstances

Julia – Religion didn’t help

Kevin – Life was empty

Conclusion (by Edwin Baker)

Tough Questions:

Derek French Interviews John Hawley, answering tough questions from the Bible

Why does a loving God allow suffering?

Why doesn’t God stop all the evil in the world?

Surely the Bible has been changed?

Aren’t I good enough for God as I am?

How do we know there is a God anyway?

Haven’t we all evolved from monkeys?

Aren’t spiritual things just in the imagination?

How can we know which religion is right?

What about my own views on religion?

If Jesus lived 2,000 years ago, how could He die for me?