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‘Getting involved in the Great Commission locally’

at Hounslow Evangelical Church

86 Hanworth Road



Saturday 8th September 2018

Are you a Christian who is looking to see the Great Commission fulfilled in the UK and especially in your church in its local area? Can you see the need to reach out to strangers who have no knowledge of the Gospel, those who probably do not even know a committed Christian? Are you looking for some evangelism made easy training?

Trevor Dickerson, National Field Director, Outreach UK; Andy Banton, General Administration Manager, Open Air Mission; and Colin Johnson, Counties Evangelist are joining forces to run an evangelism training day. We believe that outreach is not just for the specialist few but something that all of God’s people can be involved with. What seems to hold many Christians back can be a lack of confidence, not knowing where to start or the feeling that fulfilling the Great Commission is for the ‘experts’. We believe that local churches are called to reach out to their local communities, not only to those who are known to members of the local church but also to strangers who have no contact with any church or Christian.

Come and join us for a special day which includes a morning of seminars-

-Seminar on community visiting and neighbourhood chaplaincy (inc questions)
-Seminar on open-air work (inc questions)
-Seminar on hard questions

and an afternoon with an opportunity to observe and/or be involved with practical outreach, an open-air event and community visiting.

Saturday 8 September: 9.15-9.45am arrive and coffee, 4pm finish

Spaces are limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment. Please click the link below to book:


9.15-9.45am arrive & coffee

9.45am brief devotions Andy Banton

10-11am Seminar on Community Visiting (inc questions) – Trevor Dickerson (Outreach UK) & Colin Johnson (Counties UK)

11.05-12.05pm Seminar on Open-Air Outreach (inc questions) – Mike Mellor

12-12.30pm lunch (Question Box)

12.30-1.30pm Seminar on Answering Hard QuestionsChaired by Mike. Speakers: Colin, Jim Henry (OAM) & Trevor

1.30pm prayer time

1.45pm leave for outreach

2pm outreach (Open-air leader Jim, Community Visiting leaders Trevor & Colin)

3.30pm coffee/debrief/prayer-time

4pm leave