What is a Team Event?

A Team Event involves OAM workers, local Christians and volunteers running open-air outreaches for several days in a particular town, city or event. Each team engages in open-air preaching, leaflet distribution and personal evangelism. Team Events take place in several major cities such as London, Liverpool, Glasgow and Manchester.

Why join an OAM Team Event?

Why join an OAM Team Event?

Team Events are an ideal opportunity to learn how to reach out with the gospel in the open-air. No experience is necessary, and you will be working alongside experienced evangelists and supporters.

Each day begins with a time of Bible ministry and prayer, usually led by an OAM Evangelist. Often, training is given on particular aspects of evangelism. During the day the team goes into the local area to share the gospel and sometimes deputation meetings take place in local churches in the evenings.

Where do I stay on a Team Event?

Basic accommodation is provided by local churches, either within the church building itself or in the homes of local Christians.

Who can join a Team Event?

Team Event applicants must be:

  • Christians who are trusting the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour;
  • in good standing with a local church.

As well as regular team members, we also need people who are able to cook for the teams.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for joining a Team Event as the Mission will bear the cost. Applicants are welcome to make a donation to cover costs, should they so wish.