OAM offers an opportunity for young men to spend up to a year working alongside experienced evangelists in different parts of the UK. Trainees are involved in various aspects of the work of OAM, including open-air preaching, personal witness, local church ministry and children’s work. Alongside these practical aspects, they undertake a biblical and doctrinal study course which is overseen by a member of the committee.

The trainee scheme was invaluable in giving me a solid foundation for my Christian life and service


"It was a transformative year!" | Introducing the OAM Trainee Evangelist Scheme

"It was a transformative year!" | Introducing the OAM Trainee Evangelist Scheme

How much does it cost?

OAM covers the expenses of the trainee (including board and lodgings), though we do not pay a salary.

How long does it last?

The trainee scheme can last from three to twelve months.

Where will I be based?

Depending on the length of the scheme, the trainee will work closely with up to four different evangelists. The trainee will generally lodge with local Christians and attend the same church as the evangelist.

Who can apply?

Young men who are trusting the Lord Jesus Christ and who demonstrate a growing desire to reach out to others.

Applicants for the trainee position must have:

  • support from the leaders of their church;
  • a confidence in the gospel of Christ;
  • a humble and teachable spirit;
  • a desire to grow spiritually;
  • adaptability to different situations;
  • a love for the lost;
  • a desire to serve others.

What are the benefits of the trainee evangelist scheme?

Over a dozen young men have completed the trainee scheme since its inception. Many have gone on to full-time Christian service or service in their local church.

‘The trainee scheme was invaluable in giving me a solid foundation for my Christian life and service. I was often put out of my comfort zone, yet always with the support of a godly older man who was alongside me to guide, instruct and be an example. My experience on the trainee scheme gave me the confidence to speak about the gospel of Christ to people from many different backgrounds and cemented my belief that the Word of God is sufficient to answer any question or objection we may face. The Bible study course helped me to clear up my understanding on many doctrinal issues which equipped me to answer questions in the open air. I thank God for the opportunity to serve as a trainee evangelist with OAM.’Joe Bailey, former trainee evangelist

‘I really enjoyed my time as a trainee evangelist with OAM. It gave me a taste of what it is like to serve the Lord in a full-time capacity. The three evangelists I worked with were all different in their strengths and styles which helped me gain a rounded training. It also gave me a varied experience of venues, doing open-airs both in busy cities and in quieter towns and villages. I enjoyed the opportunity to try new things but with someone to help and guide me through it. Alongside the evangelism, there was a Bible study course which stretched my thinking and challenged me to dig deeper into what Scripture teaches. The year as a whole brought growth in more areas than just evangelism; I matured as a person and grew in my Christian faith and in my knowledge of Scripture as well as in my ability to communicate and apply it.’Allan Peel, former trainee evangelist

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