Andy Little & Sandra

Bedford, Cambridge, Luton and Northampton

I grew up in a Bible believing family in Wembley. At the age of 11 my Sunday School teacher took me along to a boys camp. We had a great week under canvas and we heard the gospel every day. During the week I made friends with a lad three years older than I was. Over the week I realised that he had something that I didn’t have, but I did not know what it was. There was a joy and satisfaction about him.

On the last evening we sang songs around the camp fire which I enjoyed and then the leader got up and gave his testimony. When he finished, he invited anyone else to share their testimony and several tent leaders did so. I had heard all of this before and it had no effect on me, but then the lad I had befriended got up. As he got up, I was eager to hear what he had to say and hoped to find out what made him different. As he told his story, which included how he prayed that Jesus would forgive his sin and come and change his life the light dawned. I suddenly realised that I had to say sorry personally and ask Christ into my life. The foundation had been laid and now came the challenge.

I wanted to ask someone but was too shy and as I lay in my sleeping bag the thought would not go away and I could not sleep. There in my sleeping bag I asked the Lord to forgive me and come and change my life. The first thought I had in the morning was that I must tell someone, but being shy and with so much activity packing up, I left it until I arrived home and told my parents, who were thrilled at the answer to their prayers.

Since then I have continued to try to tell people about my Saviour in various ways. Over the years I have been involved in the local church situation with my wife Sandra, beach work and other missions. Several years ago I joined the OAM team in London and felt burdened to start a monthly open-air meeting in Bedford. We have an enthusiastic team and I have been encouraged in this local work. I began full time service with the mission on December 1st 2004 and the Lord has provided many opportunities to serve Him and has provided for us in wonderful ways.

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