Douglas Young & Marion

West and Central Scotland

What is the most important thing in life? This was the question in my school reading book and my mother used this question to advantage by asking me to answer the question for myself. I knew the answer only too well for I had the privilege of being born into a family with Christian parents. I knew my responsibility was to trust in Christ for myself, my Christian parents did not make me a Christian. Following on from this I asked the Lord Jesus into my heart to be my Saviour.

When I was 13 years old my parents were the house-parents for Scottish Counties Evangelistic Movement team in the town of Hawick in the Scottish borders. I went along with them and joined in the team’s activities; children’s meetings, door-to-door visitation; I gave testimony at the gospel service in the evening, and joined in the open-air witness on the housing estates.

On my return home I was asked if I would like to go to an open-air meeting in Glasgow. This was to be the start of open-air work spanning many years. I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday evenings preaching the gospel and distributing tracts to people who were out for a night of pleasure, looking for life; and I was able to tell them that eternal life is found in Jesus Christ alone.

These were thrilling days, filled with the excitement of youth and the enthusiasm that comes from serving the living Lord Jesus. I learned a great deal from the open-air leaders over these years and benefited greatly from training organised by Scottish Counties Evangelistic Movement, and the practical outworking in the summer teams.

I also learned from Bible Class leaders, home group Bible Studies, Glasgow Summer Bible School and Capernwray Hall. There have of course been many more people and organisations which have greatly influenced my Christian life. After MV Logos came to Glasgow in the mid 70s, Operation Mobilization sent me prayer letters. Often appeals were made for people to give up their time to serve the Lord. I felt challenged when I read Luke 5:1-11 where the Lord asks Peter to launch out into the deep. I knew I was splashing in the shallows. God was calling me to move out where my feet would not touch the bottom. To really trust in Him. But I did not go.

However, in 1997 I joined The Open-Air Mission in a full time capacity so that I could spend more time spreading the gospel. I now have opportunities to speak to people on the streets, in schools and churches about the Saviour all year round. I recommend the Lord Jesus Christ to everyone.

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