Paul Stinchcombe & Shirley

Part-Time Evangelist
Somerset & Wiltshire

Growing up in a Christian home, I was aware that I was a sinner and that if I died I would go to hell. I longed to have the assurance of going to heaven. Many times I asked the Lord into my heart, but there was no change. I wanted to be saved, but on the basis I could live as I liked. Then in July 1981 I appreciated as never before, that Christ had died on the cross for my sins. My eyes were opened and I realised it was just trusting in the finished work at Calvary and that if Christ had done all this for me, then He must be my Lord. I surrendered my life to Christ. The joy and assurance I felt of knowing my sins were forgiven was truly a wonderful blessing.

A few years later I felt a strong desire to serve the Lord, but for different reasons it did not happen and I felt the Lord had laid me aside. However, despite much failure the Lord drew me back and renewed the desire to serve Him. In 2009 I was deeply challenged by the verse, “He died for all that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again” (2 Corinthians 5:15). In 2016 the legal department where I worked as a solicitor was facing restructuring. I was at a crossroads, with the option of either reapplying for my job or requesting voluntary redundancy. In January 2017 at the OAM workers conference Paul Linnell asked if there was anything I wished him to pray for. I shared that I was considering voluntary redundancy and he told me how he had been in a similar situation. Subsequently I received an email from Paul in which he quoted, “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me” (Psalm 138:8). After further guidance I took voluntary redundancy at the end of May 2017. Following challenging ministry at the OAM Annual Meetings last October and having been much encouraged in open-air work as an Associate, I applied to join the Mission part-time.

Whilst I feel weak and insufficient, I am thankful that the Lord is the God of the second chance. With His help I am also able to manage my physical disability (arthrogryposis). The Lord has blessed me with my wife Shirley (Clive Williams’ sister) whom I met through an open-air in Bath in 1989 and it has been good to serve the Lord together. Please pray for us and our grown-up children John and Hannah.

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