Stuart & Liz Lythgoe


In 1997, I began work as a Police Youth Trainee in Wigan. In my early years, I had had an interest in the Titanic and the fittings from her sister ship, the RMS Olympic. The Sergeant in charge of the trainee programme knew of my interest in the Titanic and asked me if I would like to attend an event at his church about the Titanic and Noah’s ark. Having been raised as a Roman Catholic and having no desire to return to religion, initially I rejected his offer, but by the Friday of that week I was in church to hear David Jebson (Liverpool City Mission) speak.

During August 1998, some friends told me that they had become Christians and asked if I wanted to become a Christian. I did. We prayed together and over the coming weeks, God turned my heart to Him in repentance and faith as I saw my sinfulness before a Holy God and how the Lord Jesus Christ came to pay the price for me because I could never pay it myself. 
I first engaged in open-air work while on a United Beach Mission week in Llandudno in July 2000. I felt led to preach about the lifeboat and how God saves. On the day I was due to preach, God brought the lifeboat to the promenade! I felt a great burden to share the gospel through open-air preaching as so many people could hear the gospel who would never set foot in a church. I began a local open-air work in September 2000 which I ran for several years.

I first met an Open-Air Mission team in September 2017 when a retired pastor from Manchester preached at my church and mentioned a Mission week in Manchester. I went along one afternoon and met Allan Peel. From then on I had a renewed burden for the work of evangelism and open-air preaching. I attended a couple of team events with OAM last year and felt the Lord’s leading to apply to become a full-time Evangelist. At the beginning of this year, having lost my job, I began going out regularly with Allan, as well as starting an open-air work in Preston. I am deeply humbled to know that God has called and enabled me to serve Him in this way.

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