Tim Thomas & Anni

Part-Time Evangelist

After studying Agricultural Engineering at University I was quite disillusioned with the world and began a two year period travelling. At first I worked in UAE and then back-packing through South East Asia, Australia and then New Zealand. Whilst in New Zealand I went from being completely broke and sleeping rough to selling Financial Derivatives. It all seemed rather crazy at the time and drugs were never far away. Returning to the UK I found it hard to fit in and spent a season spending the money skiing with the intention to return to selling futures in London. While in Austria I met a woman who in her words had “made a deal with the devil to serve him” and promised she could give me power to succeed. She also was threatening me that she had the power to curse me. I was terrified. She said God did not want me and that I belonged to her. After weeks of abuse I told her that “I did not believe that she or anyone else had more power than God and that if anyone was going to do anything it would be Him not her.” She was silenced. It was as if God had spoken. But then I broke down in tears realising the complete mess my life was in. At that time I met an American lad staying in the hostel who spoke to us about Jesus and invited me to a Bible study in the warden’s flat.

I was surprised to find a little group who sang and prayed together and listened to the bible. So different from the formality I had grown up with. The warden gave me a helpful book that brought me to see who Jesus really is. The book asked the question, “Why only Jesus?” which was so relevant to me after all I had been learning about Buddha and Krishna and Mohammed in Asia. For the first time I read that Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father but by me”. He claimed to be the only way to God. Then I read how Jesus responded to Philips request to show him the father with, “Have I been with you such a long time and you still don’t know me? If you have seen me you have seen the father” The realisation hit me that Jesus was not just a man but in fact God in human form.

It did not take much longer before I bowed my head and asked the Lord to forgive me and take over my life. A few weeks later the truth hit me of just how I had been forgiven as I read about the cross and of Jesus suffering there because he loved me and gave himself to die in my place.

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