Trainee Evangelists

Trainee Evangelists

Jesus taught His disciples like apprentices learning a practical trade – they learnt ‘on the job’. This is the same pattern we follow in offering young men a 3-6 month training scheme by sharing the gospel in many different ways.

For many years The Open-Air Mission have run a Training Scheme for young men to learn how to share the gospel. We have seen a dozen or so men go through this scheme – some of whom went on to become full-time OAM Evangelists, others have entered into a wide variety of different Christian ministries. We do not pay a wage, however OAM covers all expenses (including board and lodgings). The Trainee will work alongside and be mentored by two or three experienced OAM Evangelists. During the scheme the Trainee will be involved with regular open-air work in shopping precincts, schools work, OAM Team Events, Beach Missions, preaching, and helping with youth and other work etc. in local churches.

During the scheme the Trainee is required to complete a Bible Study Course as part of their training. A major objective will be for the Trainee to grow in their relationship with Christ. They will develop an ability to relate to, and engage with, different people in a variety of situations. This will involve sharing the gospel by preaching and personal conversation given in a winsome way.

What is required of an applicant?

  • A certainty of your own salvation,
  • a humble and teachable spirit,
  • a desire to grow spiritually,
  • adaptability,
  • a love for the lost,
  • and a servant heart.

Why not prayerfully consider this challenge and apply?

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