Does your church desire to reach out to people on the streets, but is not sure how to begin? Our experienced evangelists offer ‘Teach and Go’ training sessions for local churches. The format usually includes a morning training session followed by an afternoon open-air outreach in the local town.

The training session covers the key aspects of open-air evangelism, answering questions like:

  • What is the law relating to street evangelism?
  • How do church members with different gifts work together as a team in the outreach?
  • How can I preach in a way that attracts people to listen?
  • How should I deal with hecklers and difficult contacts?
  • What are the best types of literature for outreach?
  • How can I use a display board to support the preaching?
  • How can I use visual aids?
  • Where should we run an outreach?
  • How can I get into conversation with non-Christians?

Contact us to arrange a ‘Teach and Go’ training session in your church