Joe Bailey & Tami

Administration Transition Manager & Evangelist
OAM Office & Leicester

I grew up attending my local parish church where, sadly, I don’t recall ever hearing a faithful gospel message preached. As a young teenager, I began reading the Scriptures for myself, but I approached them as a source of truth, not as the perfect Word of God. In God’s gracious providence, I met a Science teacher in my secondary school who was a creationist. I couldn’t understand why he took the Bible so seriously! After many break and lunch-times discussions with him, the Holy Spirit changed my heart and I began to believe that the Bible was God’s inspired and authoritative word.

Along with my personal reading of Scripture, the Lord brought across my path a mixture of solid Christian literature and online sermons which were a great help in bringing me to a saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. As the Lord opened my eyes to the gospel, the glories of Heaven and the horrors of Hell, I was greatly burdened to tell my classmates, teachers and anyone who would listen, about their need of the Saviour. I went out with a friend every Friday night to share the gospel to the young people gathered in parks and on streets in our village.

In 2008 Aubrey Vaughan, a local pastor and former OAM Evangelist, invited me to attend the Mission’s Annual Supporters’ Day in Leicester. It made my heart rejoice to discover that there were other believers engaged in street evangelism throughout the United Kingdom, and that an organisation existed to support this great work! In 2009-10, I had the privilege of being a Trainee Evangelist with the Mission. Since then I have been to University and subsequently worked within my family medical device business. I am deeply humbled, that ten years after starting as a Trainee, the Lord has given me an opportunity to serve Him within OAM.

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