Steve Cook & Mandy


I live in Coventry and have been married to Mandy for 25 years and have three children. For the last 36 years I have worked in the construction industry as a carpenter. As a little boy I was taken along to church doing all the usual things like going to the Sunday school, young people’s group, camps and attending Sunday services. In my early teens many from the young people’s group were converted, but I knew I wasn’t. Through hearing regular preaching I became aware of my need to be saved. Knowing that I would not go to Heaven weighed heavy upon me, and, aged 13, I trusted the Lord following a Sunday evening service.

My introduction to OAM was in Tenby whilst on holiday. We attended a local church where the Beach Mission Team were introduced. We went to the beach a number of times that week with our small children. Over the years we continued to take our children along to Tenby, booking our holiday to coincide with the Beach Team. Eventually, we applied to join the team, which we as a family have continued to do. Over the last few years I have taken part in Team Events and joined local open-airs in Coventry. Over the last few years I have suffered from a couple of health issues which have been debilitating but, thankfully, these have been resolved very successfully. This challenged me about Christian service and caused me to ask to spend time working alongside the Mission as a Trainee Evangelist. Now, as a Probationary Evangelist, I will have greater opportunity to work alongside other Evangelists and seek God’s will as to my future service for Him.

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